Get to Know the Club

Club Canidae is our exclusive breeder loyalty club that offers breeders competitive savings and rewards on premium Canidae food for their pups. Club Canidae is for registered, active dog breeders who have bred at least one litter in the past year.

How it works

Club Canidae enables us to ship directly to breeders, offering convenience, savings and flexibility. Get nutritional solutions for all of your dogs’ needs. Receive exclusive discounts and rewards by shopping. Get immediate savings and free shipping when you shop using our bundle program.

Program Highlights

Everyday savings

Get up to 33% savings in product rewards - with every purchase of our most popular products.


Purchase on your schedule and earn reward points as you go, redeemable for $$ off future purchases.

Bundle Discounts

Maximize your savings and get a free product today, plus free shipping, when you buy in bundles.


Online resources, plus a dedicated customer care line for our breeders, because you're important to us.

Buy In Bundles

Buy today and save. When you choose to buy in bundles, you’ll get your free bag today + shipping is on us.

  • Buy three Canidae or Canidae PURE or five Canidae All Life Stages bags.
  • Get a free bag today.
  • Free shipping.

Save as You Go


Buy individual bags as you need them, and earn dollar rewards each time you shop.

  • Ability to buy one bag at a time.
  • Track your dollar rewards on your Club Canidae profile.
  • Redeem dollar rewards on future purchases.
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