Frequently Asked

What is Club Canidae?

Club Canidae is a discounted loyalty program for puppy Breeders who have had at least one litter for sale in the past 12 months. Club Canidae is exclusive to U.S. Independent Pet Retailers who carry Canidae products and are partnered with Astro Loyalty Frequent Buyer.​

What are the recent changes to Club Canidae?

In October 2021, Canidae transitioned its legacy brick-and-mortar Breeder Program to a direct-to-consumer model, fulfilled through its own website, with the goal of simplifying the redemption and delivery process. Since that time, we have received feedback from our Breeder network and retailer partners that this model does not easily accommodate large volume purchases (multiple bundles). As a result, Canidae is returning its Breeder Program to Independent Pet Retailers, partnered with Astro Loyalty, to facilitate Breeder volume purchases and support our Retail partners. Canidae has also expanded its offers to all formulas and sizes, along with a more generous discount on All Life Stages formulas.​

What is Astro Loyalty?

Astro Loyalty is a consumer loyalty program specifically for Independent Pet Retailers in North America. Astro Loyalty is committed to empowering independent pet retailers with loyalty and promotional programs not found across big box and online competition

How do Retailers offer Club Canidae to their Breeder customers?

Retailers on Astro Loyalty simply sign-up through the Astro Loyalty portal. It is the same process as any other Astro Loyalty program.

How do qualified Breeders sign up for the Program?

Qualified Breeders sign up for Canidae’s Breeder Program through All applications are reviewed by Canidae within 24-hours, and accepted Breeders will receive a Club Canidae Breeder ID # over email and in their Club Canidae profile on Breeders simply take this Club Canidae Breeder ID # to an Astro-participating Independent Pet Retailer to get started.

What if I was previously registered with Club Canidae?

If you previously registered through Club Canidae, simply log-in to your account to use your Canidae Breeder ID and the Canidae-Astro Store Locator to find your closest, local Independent Pet Retailer. Register that Breeder ID with your nearest Canidae-Astro store to start saving on purchases of same size dog food bags (all sizes).

Are the deals still the same through Independent Retailer fulfillment?

We are keeping the same deals and expanding our offers to every Canidae Pure Grain-Free, Pure with Grains, Pure Petite, All Life Stages, and Active Goodness dog food formula and bag size. Our previous program only offered discounts on a handful of formulas and sizes. All Life Stages and Active Goodness are now Buy 4, Get 1 FREE across same size, same formula dog food bags.​

How are redemptions tracked?

Redemptions are tracked through the Astro Loyalty mobile app. All purchases of same formula, same size dog food bags must be made at the same participating Canidae-Astro Independent Pet Retailer for one specific redemption. Purchases track like any normal loyalty program (upon the 4th purchase of All Life Stages Multi-Protein 44 Lb, a Breeder receives a 5th bag of All Life Stages Multi-Protein 44 Lb for free vs. requiring a Breeder to buy all 4 bags of All Life Stages Multi-Protein 44 Lb at once).

Am I able to sign-up with multiple, participating Canidae-Astro Loyalty retailers?

Yes, registered Club Canidae Breeders can sign-up with multiple participating Canidae-Astro Independent Pet Retailers. However, loyalty redemptions are tracked at the Retailer level (e.g., purchasing 2 All Life Stages dog food bags at one participating Astro Independent Retailer and 2 All Life Stages dog food bags at a different Astro Independent Retailer will not count toward the free 5th bag).

How do I become a breeder to be part of this program?

To be a breeder, you must have a business where you breed at least one litter of dogs a year and follow all of our Terms and Conditions, available on the site here. If you’re interested in starting the dog breeding process, we recommend you getting more information from the AKC or UKC.

What if I cannot find a Canidae-Astro Retailer nearby me on the Store Locator?

Astro Loyalty is available for all Independent Pet Retailers, regardless of their point-of-sale systems. If you know of a local Independent Pet Retailer in your community who does not appear on the Canidae-Astro Store Locator, please reach out to that Retailer and inquire with to get them started on Astro Loyalty. It is a quick and seamless process for all parties.

What if my local Independent Pet Retailer does not want to become a member of Astro Loyalty?

Canidae encourages all its independent pet retail partners to be a member of Astro Loyalty to take advantage of significant time savings, distributor credit redemptions, create loyal and happy clients and compete against online and big box retailers. If you have contacted your local Independent Pet Retailer and cannot convince them to participate, please reach out to us at or call us directly at 844-413-2326.

Are retailers allowed to advertise this program or offer the program online?

Club Canidae is exclusively a brick-and-mortar program for the Independent Pet Channel. Astro-partnered retailers may advertise this program in their stores but cannot promote the promotion online.

Are there puppy kits for my customers?

As part of the relaunched program, we are working on new puppy kits, developed with breeders’ and their customers’ needs in mind. These kits will launch early next year, and we will send updates to our email list once they become available.